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American Cheerleader Interview with Stefanie Scott

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Time Out With Disney Star: Stefanie Scott

Interviewed by Morgan McMurrin

Some people are born to be in the spotlight! Stefanie Scott is one of those few. She’s cute, bubbly and one of Disney Channel’s rising stars! Check out what the aspiring teen queen had to say when she chatted with AC!

AC: You’ve been acting since you were six years old. What was the first project you remember being a part of?
Stefanie Scott: The first experience I remember was trying out and getting the part of Tessie in a local production of “Annie.” I later went on to do more school plays before getting a commercial agent in Orlando and then later getting a theatrical agent in Los Angeles.

AC: What made you want to get into the entertainment industry?
SS: The first time I got up on stage and experienced live theater I knew acting was what I wanted to pursue. Even coming from a very small town, I’m proof that anything is possible since I really didn’t have access to acting classes, etc.

AC: We heard you were considered for the role of Tinka on “Shake it Up.” Was that the first Disney show you auditioned for?
SS: No. I auditioned for other shows before that and played the role of Tinka in the original pilot for “Shake It Up.”

AC: Now you’re on the TV series “A.N.T. Farm.” What drew you to the role of Lexi?
SS: Lexi’s a complicated character. She has the drive to be the best at everything and doesn’t take “no” for an answer. She’s creative in a manipulative manner. I really think she has a good heart underneath her manipulative ways, though.

AC: Your character’s also a cheerleader on the show. Had you ever cheered before getting this role?
SS: I wasn’t a cheerleader, but I was on a national dance team and we won our division several years in a row, so I know what it’s like to be in a competitive athletic environment.

AC: Why do you think cheer is such a popular sport among teenage girls nowadays?
SS: I think it’s great for school spirit and it’s a very athletic sport—but most of all it’s fun!

AC: If “A.N.T. Farm” could cross over with any Disney Channel program, which would you want it to be?
SS: Hmm, that’s a hard one. I love all the Disney Channel shows, but maybe the new show “Jessie” starring Debby Ryan or “Shake it Up.”

AC: Those are great choices! Who’d be your dream guest-star on “A.N.T Farm” and what character would they play?
SS: I love Taylor Swift! I think she could guest-star as Lexi’s older sister.

AC: You guys could definitely pull off being sisters! Growing up, did you ever dream about starring in a show on Disney Channel?
SS: Of course! What little girl doesn’t dream of holding that wand in her hand and imagine herself saying “I’m ___________ and you’re watching The Disney Channel!”  I had the wonderful opportunity of fulfilling my dream recently as I was able to film my “wand ID.” It was the best ever!

AC: How would you describe a typical day on set?
SS: We arrive very early and start school at 7:30 am. We rehearse and block the scenes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then we start filming on Thursday. Then on Friday we film the remaining scenes in front of a live studio audience, which is the best day in my opinion.  It’s like being in a live play every Friday. I totally love meeting the audience after the show when we sign autographs and take pictures with the fans.

AC: You recently played a younger version of Natalie Portman in the movie No Strings Attached, which also co-starred Ashton Kutcher. What was that experience like?
SS: It was awesome! Natalie is so sweet and everyone on the film was exceptionally talented. I love doing feature films, as it’s a different process than a weekly TV series.

AC: Did you get the chance to met Natalie or Ashton?
SS: I met them both at the table read and they are really funny in person.

AC: Are they both actors you look up to in Hollywood?
SS: Yes. I would especially like to pattern myself after Natalie as I intend on going to college—maybe Northwestern University in Chicago—after I graduate from high school. I think it will help me in my overall career.

AC: We heard you’re pretty close with fellow Disney actress Bella Thorne! How did you two become friends?
SS: We filmed the “Shake it Up” pilot along with Zendaya. And actually, Zendaya and I did two “iCarly” commercials together when we first started out in the business.

AC: Now you girls are starring alongside one another in the new film Frenemies. Can you give us a run-down of the movie’s storyline?
SS: It’s about three sets of “friends.” I think the audience will love it!

AC: Did you have a favorite scene to shoot?
SS: I had a lot of scenes with a dog in the movie and all I can say is he’s really, really smart.

AC: Do you think your fans will relate to your character?
SS: I hope so! Julianne is a little like Lexi­—she’s manipulative in order to get what she want—in a cute way.

AC: Most girls have a frenemy at on point or another. What sort of advice would you give someone who’s going through that type of on-again, off-again friendship?
SS: Well, I know that everyone wants to feel like they fit in and it hurts when a group of girls don’t want to include you in their plans. It happens to me too, so I can totally relate. It hurts, but I’ve learned to surround myself with friends who I can trust and who like me for me. My advice would be not to change to fit in with other groups, but find friends you have things in common with like cheerleading or dance.

AC: Who are your favorite frenemies on TV?
SS: Who doesn’t love to watch the tension between Quinn and Rachel on “Glee”? You can understand both viewpoints. That’s what make it fun to watch.

AC: Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?
SS: Right now I’m busy with “A.N.T. Farm” and working on my music. My single, “The Girl I Used to Know,” is available on iTunes and my single “Pose,” is the theme song from Frenemies which will also be available on iTunes.

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