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Disney's A.N.T. Farm

Q&A With Stefanie Scott of ‘A.N.T. Farm’

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Disney Channel star tells what’s ahead for the show this season!

Because she is bratty and insecure, does it make it hard to like Lexi?

No, I love Lexi. I think she’s so fun because people love to hate her. She’s so girlie and she does the craziest things. Lexi says things I would never say. But she’s also not scared of what people think of her, and that’s why I love Lexi. I see a different side of Lexi being able to play her, because she’s misunderstood. People think she’s mean or sassy, but she’s really self-conscious. She’s threated by someone coming in and stealing the spotlight. Lexi is just a girl with a dream of being on Broadway. Her sassiness is her armor, and that’s why she acts that way. In reality, she’s very lovable and has a heart of gold. But she can be very evil.


Is it fun playing a mean girl?

It is fun. I wouldn’t classify her as the mean girl because she has her moments. This season, she and Chyna hug and they have their sweet moments. But I also think Lexi is such a game player and she’s in it for the win, too. That way, she always has the upper hand. She’s very interesting. Every week I get a script and I’m like, “Oh, Lexi! What are you doing now?”

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