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TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Hangs With Stefanie Scott!

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TWIST: Can you tell us a little bit about what’s in store for your character Lexi on the upcoming season of A.N.T. Farm?
Well, we just started [filming] Season Two, and so far, I’m absolutely loving it! I think Lexi is really evolving as a character, and I know she’s really sassy, but you get to see more of her. And, you know, I think she has a heart underneath all of that sassiness! You get to see a sweeter side of Lexi! And we still have lots of crazy costumes, and comedy, and some very fun situations, but it’s going so wonderful, and I think Season 2 is going to even better than Season One!

TWIST: Awesome! That sounds great. Your character Lexi is kind of a bully. Do you have any experience dealing with bullies yourself, or mean girls?
Yes! I’ve dealt with bullying and mean girls my whole life! And I still deal with them, you know, whether it’s rumors, or just people – girls can be kind of mean! I just try to deal with it by staying close with my two true friends, and kind of – you know, you can’t let it effect you! Because if you let everything everyone says effect you it would literally eat you alive! So I deal with it even now! I’m going through the same thing a lot of TWIST readers are going through, and I think that’s really cool. I’m not perfect; I go through the same things that they do, so I definitely deal with it.

TWIST: So, what is the vibe like on set with the rest of the cast?
Oh, it’s so fun! We’ve been together on the show, from when I was 13, and China [McClain] was 11 – everybody was really young, so we have been growing up together! And it’s kind of cool to see everybody grow up, and we’re pretty close! We go to set every day, so it’s just like having a family, and seeing them all day every day, except it’s also work too. And it’s really fun. And I love all the episodes, and when the writers write cool things for us to do together it’s really fun!

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