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WhoWhatWear’s Exclusive: Meet Hollywood’s Next Big Star, Stefanie Scott

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All eyes are on 18-year-old Stefanie Scott, as the actress filled some big shoes as the lead in this month’s horror prequel Insidious: Chapter 3—a role that formerly belonged to Rose Byrne. The up-and-comer is hitting it big this year with a string of films, including the buzzy live-action reboot of Jem and the Holograms, so we caught up with the star to talk about her latest projects, fashion, and more! Click to view WhoWhatWear’s exclusive interview


  • Insidious: Chapter 3 is your first horror film. What was is like joining such a popular franchise?
    Oh, it was such an honor. I’m a huge fan of the first two films, so it was such a big deal for me. It’s terrifying, and it was a really intense roller coaster filming it, emotionally and physically, but I had the time of my life doing it.

    Tell us about your character Quinn Brenner.
    The beginning of the movie starts with Quinn just losing her mother, and it’s a really painful time in her life. And so she reaches out to sort of get a sign from her mom on the other side, and she ends up bringing back a really violent, evil entity with her. It takes place like eight years before the other two films.

    Did you ever find yourself getting scared on set?
    I had so much fun. Yeah, I think the scariest part was like a couple seconds before you were whipped across a room in a harness—that was the scariest. And then of course the takes were like three minutes long, so people would be hiding on set to scare you rather than like cutting away, so I think it’s really scary when you are three minutes in and you can’t really go back.

    And you got to work with Juliette Lewis and Molly Ringwald!
    Oh my gosh! I love Juliette Lewis to death. She’s everything I want to be—she’s so cool. All the four of us girls were looking up to her the whole time thinking how cool she was.

    You got to play with some pretty outrageous hair and makeup in the film. What did you love about Kimber’s particular look?
    I loved her fiery orange hair, and you know, I wore my hair down all the time so I could do hair flips and really just rock out. I had glitter everywhere, and my face was painted bright colors—pink, orange, red, yellow, green—and the outfits were rhinestoned head to toe with lots of leather and safety pins. We just looked so cool—it was awesome.

    How would you describe your style in real life?
    I would say I mix a lot of feminine with edgy pieces. I like to be girlie and have the feminine side, but I always like to have the leather jacket along with it.

    What are three items getting a ton of play in your wardrobe right now?
    I have a jacket that’s like a mini Penny Lane jacket that I’m obsessed with; I have an actual that I got from Wasteland, but then I have a smaller one that is tan with the fuzz on the inside. And then I just got these gray J Brand jeans with holes in the knees that I really love, and I love just a bunch of delicate hoop earrings. I just pierced my ears again for the first time, so now I’m able to wear a bunch more earrings, which is fun.

    Who are some of your style icons?
    I love Lily Collins. I love her femininity and edge and how she mixes the two. I love Natalie Portman and her Miss Dior campaign—same thing with it being girlie and sweet with a rough side to it. Emma Watson has great style, and I also love Behati Prinsloo.

    What would you like to do next in your career?
    I’m actually going straight to Ireland right now to shoot a film with Pierce Brosnan, and I’m doing a sci-fi in Canada later this summer. And then other than that, I just shot a love story in November, which I’m really excited to have come out. I want to do another one for just like a simple love story, because everything I’ve been doing lately is intense and lots of crying and running away and trying to fight for my life. I wouldn’t mind just having a sweet love story for a while.


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